Warhol Express

warhol express - martin jordan

warhol express – martin jordan

All aboard the Warhol express. This challenge was presented by John as a ‘blobby painting.’ I had never encountered it, not being an artist as such, but as I completed this piece and several others, I began to understand it. I also began to enjoy it. Although I am copying for now, I hope to keep revisiting this medium and nurture my own style as it presents itself to me. I drew my inspiration from the likes of Andy Warhol, David Hockney, and Roy Lichtenstein.

It is my first encounter with these artists actually knowing their work, but I find I have come across their work in the comics I have read in the past. This one is a combination of each of them as you can see by the duotone photocopy filter I used for the layer in the face, The ink is in a separate layer than the coloring.

The techniques I am using here are mostly connected to the filters in PhotoShop. I first of all traced a photo with a pencil tool at around 5 pixels. You can get interesting effects and more of a comic book feel if you increase the size of the pencil to 7 or 8. Then I switched to the brush tool and picked up the color of the photo using the eye-dropper tool and painted the colors into a separate layer. When both color and ink had been applied in their respective layers I concentrated on the face and I applied a separate layer and ran a sumi-e filter on the colored part, then applied the photocopy layer on top of that. I then applied a mask to the duotone layer and erased all the dots except for the face.