Back to School

Hey guys, I am back at school. These blogs will be tagged as ‘back in school,’ and placed in their own category as a portfolio for my tutor, John Deery. Thank you John for your excellent tutoring. I am so looking forward to finishing this course so that I can then take it a step further, into degree or a masters. I am so looking forward to it.

I did hit on the idea of adding my projects here as I do them with a description of the tools I used, the finished products, and any videos associated with it. Right now it is a plan, but I thought I would start it anyway. I want to let you all know how I am treatment wise with the Cancer as well and the ne things that the radiation has done and is continuing to do,

Right now I have double vision and my sinus on the left side of my face is stuffed up to the point that I can’t really hear now out of that ear. My consultants have informed me that it is the long term radiation effects and should be temporary. I really have to remember that Medicine is not an exact science. I have taken to wearing an eyepatch over my left eye to get rid of the double vision and the effects of it are annoying until I can get used to it.

If it persists I will be given a referral to a consultant optician to add a prism to my lenses, and that will get rid of the double part of my vision. I can’t really get anything started right now because of my trip to see my beautiful wife, daughter, and grand-babies. So I must soldier on knowing that this trip is going to reduce my stress considerably, and possibly take care of most of my anomalies. Stress is an important factor in what is going on with me.

I have placed my dental consultant, psychology consultant, and my eye consultant on hold until I return; Oh yeah, and my housing situation is also on hold until I return. So please enjoy and comment when you can and share for sure. Check out the next blog as it contains the first project.