These are the types of websites that we at BarbApple Studios can design for for you. I have included an actual client example where they they are available, and that we have received permission to link to.

All website builds include:

30 minute personal 1 on 1, or 1 on group training remotely via Skype for basic websites or:
 minute personal 1 on 1, or 1 on group training remotely via Skype for more detailed websites
Basic security installed, running, and monitored.
Take a look at speed of loading and optimize the site accordingly
1 weekly backup of the site for 1 month.
Opportunities for reduced development plans, design plans, and training.

Please note that British prices are based on the exchange rate of the American dollar and will fluctuate depending on the current rate of exchange, but not usually by much.)

Type of website Visual, and link, (if allowed.)
Simple website – Liebchen Tuition

This website is based in the UK, and is plain and fast – Just let me get online with a functional site with the bare minimum and maybe something a little extra. It has a gallery slideshow that shows on the front page with pictures, a simple contact form, and a specialized tuition form.

Cost $600.00 or (£390.00)

liebchen tuition and barbapple studios web design
eCommerceWizard’s Window

This an eCommerce website with a twist. It is all done connected to PayPal using the eStore plug-in package by Tips and Tricks. I also incorporated their Affiliate program plug-in for people to resell from this website. This is an eCommerce all the way and does wonderfully, and is fast and efficient.

Starting Cost $1200.00 (£780.00)

BarbApple Studios Web Design
Paid membershipPureheart Center

This is a pure content website with articles, videos, and other things that you would expect to pay for. It can be connected to a tech support or customer service website and because of yet another plugin from Tips and Tricks, you can set up as many levels or tiers as you like.

Starting at Cost $1000.00 (£580.00)

BarbApple Studios Web Design
Gallery and Informational – Zen Guitars

This client want a place where he could add a gallery that was a little more flexible than the core WordPress Gallery. We set him up with one and trained him in the use of it. This is another simple website with 2 specialist plugin additions, the gallery being one of them. Client was very satisfied with his work. All of the graphics were also designed and optimized by the studio, not the client, and when you have a gallery that can be a lot of photos.

Cost $600.00 or (£390.00)

barbapple studios


The more intricate websites like eCommerce, and membership or affiliate set ups will vary depending on the scope of what the client wants within each one. The prices listed would be for the usual setup based in what most clients ask for. This will be solidified at the time of the Initial consultation. We pride ourselves in being up front about our pricing by being fastidious about what we decided to do work wise going in and we stick to that.